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Springfield & Wichita Forklift Fleet Management Experts

Lift Truck Center has the resources and expertise to help you successfully manage your forklift fleet while lowering your overall operating costs. Our Forklift Fleet Management Service's in Wichita and Springfield analyze your specific needs and then implements the optimal system to maximize your fleet’s potential at the lowest cost per hour.

From identifying the key components of your forklift fleet to identifying a plan that provides the highest level of utilization from each vehicle to implementing and installing that plan, Lift Truck Center provides you with the means to reach your business goals. We provide ongoing support, gathering and measuring data to ensure that the system is both effective and sustainable. Our forklift fleet management service in Kansas and Missouri allows you to uncover the true potential of your fleet and begin operating at the highest possible level.

Let Lift Truck Center help you put your forklift fleet to work!