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Planned Forklift Maintenance

Lift Truck Center offers planned maintenance programs which can extend the life of your lift truck and make the most out of your investment. Lift Truck Center’s planned maintenance programs help you control forklift service and repair costs, maximizing up time and reducing unplanned downtime.

Benefits of a planned forklift maintenance program include:

  • Planned downtime
  • Extended service life
  • Overall reduction in maintenance costs during the term of the agreement
  • Reduction in unexpected repair costs
  • Simplified fixed maintenance budgeting
  • Service completed by highly experienced and trained technicians
  • Greater resale value

Planned forklift maintenance is a valuable means of maximizing your equipment’s potential while controlling your operating costs. Lift Truck Center’s planned maintenance programs can help you achieve your business goals and allow you to focus more of your attention on your overall business as opposed to equipment maintenance.