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Operator Safety Training

Operators of powered industrial trucks must be fully trained and employer certified as required in recent federal regulation. As part of the regulation, truck operators are required to complete formal classroom training, practical hands-on training and an evaluation. OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178(I) requires that employers provide forklift operators training for vehicle inspection and maintenance. Operators must be over 18 years of age and be recertified at least once every three years.Employers like yourself need an effective and comprehensive training program to meet this OSHA regulation.

Other OSHA Forklift Requirements:

  • Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance: It is important to establish a vehicle inspection and maintenance plan for forklift operators to adhere to. While training is vital, a forklift operating at premium performance helps assure a safe work environment.
  • Daily Forklift Checklist: OSHA has an approved daily checklist for all forklift operators to adhere to before they begin each shift.


  1. Keep your operators safe: Driving a forklift might seem like a no-brainer, but it isn’t. Spending a little bit of time training the operator can prevent many injuries as well as increase efficiency.
  2. Keep your pedestrians safe: When you train your forklift operators, you aren’t just keeping the operator safe, you’re keeping the pedestrians safe too. Walking through a work area can be extremely dangerous if the forklift operators haven’t been trained.
  3. Decrease your liability: Yes, you will still be liable for an accident even if you’ve trained your operator, but you’ll have much more liability on your hands if you never trained your operators to start with.
  4. Increase forklift longevity: The cost of damaging your forklift is a much more expensive pill to swallow than upfront training.
  5. Increase productivity: If your operator isn’t trained, he will end up spending time trying to figure things out he would’ve known if he had been. Making sure the operator is knowledgeable up front will increase productivity.

There are a lot of reasons you should train your forklift operators, but these five are at the top of the list. Just take the time and spend the money to do it; you certainly won’t regret it. To schedule forklift training, contact your Lift Truck Center Customer Service Sales Representative.