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Viper AS530R

Model: AS530R
Fuel Type: Manual

The Viper AS530R is a productive mini ride-on scrubber
dryer. With a battery and tank capacity to clean for hours,
this machine is ready to take on even large areas of more
than 5.000 m2
. The machine is compact and easy for the
operator to navigate.
The intuitive display with all major functions and battery
status makes it easy to control the machine together
with the large buttons, and the clear view of the water/
detergent level indicator.
Trouble free and comfortable
cleaning /
· On-board charger makes battery charging quick and
· Squeegee attachment on the recovery tank for easy
transportation in elevators or passing doors
· Low sound level 69 dB(A) for daytime cleaning
· Robust machine with front bumper, strong main frame
and heavy-duty aluminum squeegee

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