Dock Solutions

Dock Solutions


Pioneer and Blue Giant Dock Products

Truck and railcar dock environments are centralized traffic areas for receiving and shipping products, and are critical to every manufacturing, retail, and distribution center regardless of the number of docks in operation. Weather conditions, communication between dock attendants and truck drivers, and lift truck activity contribute to making docks an area of high risk for accidents.

LTC is pleased to offer many dock related solutions that are designed to enhance safety and communication, productivity, rodent and insect protection, and lift truck reliability. We are proud to represent Pioneer, Blue Giant and other leading dock equipment manufacturers of portable truck/rail dockboards, edge of dock levelers, mechanical, hydraulic and air operated pit mounted dock levelers, loading dock lifts and portable yard ramps.

Automatic and mechanical activated truck restraints are low cost investments that are designed to prevent premature departure of tractor trailers during the loading/unloading process. The (rear impact guards) RIG bar on the truck trailer is secured by the vehicle restraint. The restraint communication system between the dock attendant and truck driver advises the status of the operation so the driver is aware of when it is safe to move the vehicle away from the dock.

Safety dock sensors are also available to detect motion and warn pedestrians inside the building of lift truck activity as they enter/exit trailers. Several style of dock gates and stops are available to prevent lift trucks from accidentally driving off the edge of a dock. Hand rails, protective guard rail, bollards, rack and building column protectors, door track protectors and height awareness sensors alert lift truck operators of overhead obstacles that are in the line of an elevated forklift mast.

A wide range of dock seals and shelters are available to improve energy conservation and protect your dock environment from outside weather conditions. Dock lights and bumpers compliment dock environments.

Contact an LTC Sales Professional to schedule a dock site audit, or for repair and planned maintenance on your existing dock equipment.

Mobile Equipment Safeguards

Lift Truck Center can also equip your mobile equipment with pedestrian lights and warning devices to create additional safety awareness in your dock environment.

Many Dock Products and Services to Choose From

  • Dock Seals and Shelters
  • Dock Levelers and Boards
  • Vehicle Restraints
  • Dock Lights, Bumpers & Accessories
  • Dock Safety Gates and Stops
  • Dock Door Protectors
  • Dock Repair Service and Planned Maintenance