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With lift capacities ranging from 1-125 tons, Combilift is the largest global manufacturer of multi-directional forklifts and an acknowledged leader in long load handling solutions. Combilift’s unique approach customizes products to meet the exact requirements of each individual customer. By combining all the features of counterbalance, sideloader and narrow aisle forklifts, Combilift has the power to transform the way customers look at storage, especially for long and awkward materials handling. By optimizing existing storage, Combilift improves safety, minimizes costs, environmental impact, and product damage, making your business more efficient.
  • Long Load Handling
  • Oversized/Heavy Loads
  • Container Handling
  • Poultry Rough Terrain Forklifts
  • Very Narrow Aisle Warehouse Solutions
  • Pedestrian Stackers with Multi-Position Tiller Handle
    Featured image for “4WSL”


    The 4 Wheel Sideloader forklift is designed for long and bulky loads. For operations that require robust and fast operation…
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    Featured image for “Aisle Master”

    Aisle Master

    The Aisle Master Very Narrow Aisle articulated forklift is available in electric or LPG (with hydrostatic drive) and helps you…
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    Combi ST Multidirectional Sideloader

    The narrow cab design enables operation in extremely narrow aisles. And what’s more, platform lengths can be customised to fit…
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    Container Slip Sheet Loader

    Faster, Safer Container Loading The Combi-CSS Container Slip-sheet, specifically designed for fast loading of freight containers with a maximum capacity…
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    Container Straddle Carrier

    The Combi-SC range is the most economical Handling Solution for distribution, shipping and industries with heavy and oversized loads. Its…
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    Featured image for “Counterbalance Narrow Aisle Walkie Stacker”

    Counterbalance Narrow Aisle Walkie Stacker

    Equipped with our patented multi-position tiller arm the Combi-CS offers safer operation, maximum operator visibility and narrow aisle performance. The…
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    Equipped with our patented multi-position tiller arm the Combi-HC-PPT offers safer operation, maximum operator visibility, power steering and narrow aisle…
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    Featured image for “Long Load Handling Order Picker”

    Long Load Handling Order Picker

    The Combi-OP now guarantees much more efficient and non-compromised operation for easy picking of long profiles in, for example, steel…
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    Featured image for “Multidirectional Counterbalance Forklift”

    Multidirectional Counterbalance Forklift

    The innovative Combi-CB is the original multidirectional counterbalance forklift truck. Available in Diesel, LPG and Electric Power, more compact than…
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    Featured image for “Multidirectional Forklift”

    Multidirectional Forklift

    Designed to improve your workflow by effectively becoming three forklifts in one, a sideloader, counterbalance and narrow aisle forklift. Available…
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    Multidirectional Sideloading Forklift

    The Combi-MR4, from Combilift’s multi-directional range of highly maneuverable forklift trucks, boasts our unique Dynamic 360 steering. Enabling multi-directional mode…
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    Featured image for “Multidirectional Stand-On Reach Forklift”

    Multidirectional Stand-On Reach Forklift

    This compact truck available in LPG, Diesel or Electric Power features one rear wheel drive with a large rubber tire…
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    Featured image for “Narrow Aisle Walkie Reach Stacker”

    Narrow Aisle Walkie Reach Stacker

    The Combi-WR is the first purpose built pedestrian reach stacker with the ability to operate in a VNA aisle of…
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    Featured image for “Poultry Rough Terrain 3,500 Lbs.”

    Poultry Rough Terrain 3,500 Lbs.

    The COMBi-RT agricultural forklift was designed specifically to meet the harsh demands of the poultry industry, but its impressive handling…
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    Remote Control Mobile Gantry

    The Combi-MG Mobile Gantry is available in Diesel or Electric Power and is the perfect solution for handling and conveying…
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    Featured image for “Three Wheeled Sideloader”

    Three Wheeled Sideloader

    To fulfil the need for a sideloader with the maneuverability and versatility of a multi-directional forklift the Combi-SL range was…
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