Fleet Management

Fleet Management


Fleet Management and Continuous Improvement

Fleet Management  – Tired of cost spikes from unforeseen equipment repairs that are in excess of your budget?  Consistent and predictable monthly expenses can be a reality with Lift Truck Center's Guaranteed Maintenance Programs.  Our core business evolves around providing responsive, quality repairs to improve your equipment uptime.  The Productivity and the Economic Life of your equipment are improved when Certified Professional Technicians from Lift Truck Center are maintaining your fleet.

Fleet Analysis – Lift Truck Center Sales Professionals will conduct an extensive application survey to begin understanding your equipment utilization, age, condition and number of units in your current fleet.  Through the survey we will identify what is important to your operation and structure a cost-effective, right-sized fleet solution to match.

Tracking & Reporting – Lift Truck Center Fleet Professionals monitor trends in equipment usage, spend, and provide relevant data to educate you on correctable issues (Kaizen/continuous improvement), and inform you when it’s time to replace or redeploy your material handling equipment.

Telemetry - Provides valuable insights on your equipment usage that results in timely maintenance schedules and reduced operating expenses.  Operator accountability is further heightened with electronic Pre-Operational equipment checklists and Impact Monitoring.