Maintenance Programs

Maintenance Programs


Planned Maintenance for Forklift & Industrial Equipment  

Did you know that most lift truck owners overestimate the operating hours of their equipment? That means it's not uncommon for equipment to be serviced too frequently. Lift Truck Center Product Support Specialists will help you understand your actual usage, evaluate your operating environment, and make recommendations on appropriate service intervals. Lift Truck Center Planned Maintenance programs reduce your cost of ownership/use and extend the economic life of your lift truck, scissor lift, sweeper/scrubber. Lift Truck Center’s planned maintenance programs also help you manage and budget forklift service and repair expenses, while reducing unplanned downtime.

Benefits of our planned maintenance program include:

  • Planned downtime
  • Extended service life
  • Overall reduction in maintenance costs
  • Reduction in unexpected repair costs
  • Safer equipment that reduce your risk of accident and injury
  • Service completed by highly experienced and trained technicians
  • Well maintained equipment results in higher future resale value

Unless you have a large fleet of equipment with dedicated technicians, it rarely makes economical sense for owners to self maintain their equipment. Lift Truck Center Planned Maintenance is performed at your location and invoiced at economical flat rates (not hourly). Properly performed Planned Maintenance is far more comprehensive than "changing oil and greasing". We invite you to evaluate our extensive PM checklist. When considering the investment in having the proper tools, safety equipment, training, and soft costs associated with obtaining and processing parts invoices, it's simply not cost effective to self maintain. With services performed by Toyota Certified Technicians, Lift Truck Center’s Planned Maintenance programs allow you to focus more of your attention on your overall business as opposed to equipment maintenance.

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