National Account/Government/Non-Profit Customers

Lift Truck Center is honored to serve the needs of a diverse range of customers.  We recognize the value and uniqueness of each customer and understand the need for our organization to adapt accordingly.

Here locally, we make no distinction regardless of where your purchase decision is made.  Our appreciation of your business, commitment to the discounted pricing structure/terms of your agreement, and the quality of local warranty service and support remains the same.

Many of our large multi-location customers make equipment purchases from a centralized corporate headquarters that is located outside of our geographic area of coverage.  Many of these same customers purchase under a National Account agreement, Sourcewell (formerly known as NJPA) purchasing coop program, or from a General Services Agreement (GSA).   It’s common for many large companies to operate under different names and understand the challenge to sometimes trace alignment to your parent company or subsidiary that established your purchasing agreement.  It also helps us serve your needs more efficiently if we know if your business is a Non-Profit, Municipality, Public or Private Education, Military, or a government, state, city, county agency.

It would be our pleasure to discuss the criteria associated with establishing a National or Key Account purchasing agreement or becoming a Sourcewell member.  Please reach out and allow us the opportunity to investigate and guide you to the best resources that are available to your organization.