Quote by Edwards Deming: “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”

Telemetry Provides your Operation with Valuable Insights:

Telemetry provides a user-friendly way to track and collect data on how equipment at your facility is being utilized. In a day and age where data is invaluable to operations and safety, how can you afford not to know how your equipment is being operated?  We believe in the value of this data enough to make telemetry standard equipment with most Toyota models to help you understand your utilization, GPS location of equipment, error codes and impact detection through MyInsights portal.  Many additional features will also be available that include Geo Fencing, Zone Alerts, Pre-Operational Checklist, Diagnostic Troubleshooting, Operator Access Control, Messaging and more.

  • Assign and know who is operating equipment:
    This gives operators a sense of accountability to how they operate the equipment when they know they are tied to it.
  • Manage operator credentials and certifications:
    The system will notify you when an operator’s credentials are set to expire and when they will need to be re-certified.
  • Paperless safety checklists:
    Get away from tracking paper safety checklists; an operator can complete a digital checklist from the unit and have the results immediately saved to the Cloud. This removes the physical storage and tracking of paper checklists. Each unit can be programmed so the equipment will not operate without the pre-operational inspection being completed at the desired intervals.
  • Track utilization:

    Whether it be one unit or the entire fleet, you can review run time hours to determine if there are too few or too many pieces of equipment in your operation.

  • Impact Detection:

    The impact sensor can detect when an impact occurred and who was logged into the equipment when the event occurred. This removes the guesswork of trying to determine when the unit was impacted and provide guidance whether additional operator training is needed.

  • Automated reporting:

    Have customized reports generated and automatically sent to you at a predetermined frequency.

  • Versatility:

    Telemetry can be used on any type and brand of material handling equipment.

For more information please reach out to your Lift Truck Center Sales Professional for an on-site evaluation and consultation to see which telemetry option is right for you.