Climate Control Solutions from MacroAir & Blue Giant

By improving airflow, Blue Giant and MacroAir high-volume low-speed (HVLS) large diameter fans keep building occupants comfortable while regulating inside temperatures and reducing energy consumption expenses. The fans are designed to run in reverse during cooler months which forces trapped air down from the ceiling and distributing throughout the workspace.

MacroAir was the first to create an HVLS (High-Volume, Low-Speed) fan, the first to introduce a 6-blade design, the first to run in reverse, and now the first to unveil the most lightweight, energy-efficient, durable, and beautiful direct-drive motor.

Performance & Features

  • Only two moving parts (the top and bottom bearing), compared to hundreds of moving parts in conventional, gear-driven fans
  • Lighter and quieter than any fan on the market
  • Energy efficient: runs for about $1 a day
  • Longest-lasting: designed and tested to perform longer than any HVLS fan on the market, and its 50,000-hour warranty proves it
  • Supplements HVAC equipment: reduces HVAC tonnage, lowers cooling costs by up to 30% and heating costs by 20%

Summer Usage

According to OSHA, a comfortable workplace temperate ranges from 68°F to 76°F. Uncomfortably warm temperatures can lead to a decrease in worker output and an increase in errors. HVLS fans help promote productivity by creating a cooling breeze throughout the entire work area. It only costs about a dollar a day to run, and it decreases the perceived temperature by 8°F.

Winter Usage

Without air circulation, buildings with high ceilings experience heat stratification. This means that temperature layers develop with cooler air at floor and warmer air at the ceiling. Pairing an HVAC system with an HVLS fan yields a minimum of 20% savings on heating costs by increasing warm air at ground level and reducing heat loss through the roof.




Model 370


Model 550


Model 780