Supplier Code of Conduct

Supplier Code of Conduct

Lift Truck Center

Supplier Code of Conduct

Lift Truck Center, Inc. (“Lift Truck”) conducts its business in compliance with applicable law, and in an ethical and socially responsible manner.  Lift Truck has a culture based on fundamental values of integrity, fairness, mutual respect, teamwork, and innovation. Lift Truck has developed a Supplier Code of Conduct (Code) to clarify our expectations in the areas of business integrity, human rights, health and safety and environmental management.

Lift Truck’s Supplier Code of Conduct applies to all Suppliers, Vendors, Contractors, Consultants, Agents and other providers of goods and services (collectively “Supplier(s)”) who wish to conduct business with Lift Truck. We expect all our Suppliers to engage in responsible supply chain practices as related to the areas listed above. Lift Truck also reserves the right to terminate the relationship with any Supplier and/or Facility that does not comply with this Code of Conduct.

This Supplier Code of Conduct may be amended by Lift Truck from time to time.

Section 1. Business Conduct Standards

Lift Truck expects its Suppliers to maintain awareness and comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which it conducts business and to conduct such business responsibly, with integrity, honesty, and transparency, and to adhere to the following standards as they apply to the following employment practices.

A.      Child Labor: Child labor is strictly prohibited. Suppliers shall adhere to the minimum employment legal age limit defined by national law or regulation and comply with relevant International Labor Organization (ILO) standards. In no instance, shall a Supplier permit a child to perform work that exposes them to undue physical risks than can cause physical, mental, or emotional harm or improperly interfere with their schooling (except as may be permitted under apprenticeship or similar programs in which the minor is lawfully participating).

B.      Forced Labor, Slave Labor, Human Trafficking: Supplier confirms that, in providing goods and services to Lift Truck Center, Inc., it has not employed, used, or otherwise benefitted from involuntary or forced labor, whether indentured, bonded, prison or otherwise, and that the Supplier has not confiscated or withheld worker identity documents or other valuable items, including passports, work permits and travel documentation, and further that Supplier has not unreasonably withheld or diverted workers’ wages.  Supplier certifies that it has not been, and is not, keeping workers’ personal documents as a means to bind them to employment or to restrict their freedom of movement.  Supplier further confirms and certifies that:

  1.    All workers are voluntarily employed in the facility(ies) where Lift Truck’s goods are made.
  2.    No materials were sourced by Supplier for Lift Truck’s goods for delivery from Suppliers that employ forced, slave or prison labor

C.      Working Hours: Supplier’s employees will work in compliance with all applicable laws pertaining to the number of hours and days worked. Employees will be provided with reasonable daily and weekly work schedules, and adequate allowance will be made for time off.

D.      Compensation: Employees will be fairly compensated and provided with wages and benefits that comply with applicable laws, including appropriate compensation for overtime work and other premium pay situations required by applicable law.

E.      Non-Discrimination: Discrimination in hiring and employment practices based on race, color, religion, gender, age, national, social or ethnic origin, maternity, sexual orientation, political opinion, disability, or any other status or personal characteristic shall not be allowed Employee medical tests that can be used to discriminate in hiring or employment practices shall not be required.

F.      Workplace: Supplier shall provide employees with safe and healthy working conditions. At a minimum, potable drinking water, clean restrooms, adequate ventilation, fire exits and essential safety equipment, an emergency aid kit, access to emergency medical care, and appropriately lit work stations are provided. The Supplier’s facilities are to be constructed and maintained in accordance with applicable law.

G.      Respect for the Environment: Supplier will conduct its business in a manner compatible with the environment and in accordance with applicable law.  Reasonable standards of care shall be taken to protect the environment and to provide for the health and safety of employees and the communities in which facilities are operated.  Supplier will take prudent steps to minimize solid waste by reducing, reusing, and recycling materials; encourage conservation of resources and energy; provide training and education for its employees, as appropriate; and support efforts to establish and implement policies that also protect the environment.

Section 2. Business Practices

A.      General: Purchases of materials and services will only be made from suppliers who continually meet Lift Truck Center, Inc.’s product quality, delivery dates, and price objectives.  This Code of Conduct is not in lieu of, but is in addition to, the Suppliers' obligations to Lift Truck Center, Inc. as set forth in any written agreement between Lift Truck Center, Inc. and the Supplier. 

B.      Trade Compliance: Lift Truck and its Suppliers shall always comply with applicable laws and regulations pertaining to trade embargoes and economic sanctions.

C.      Supplier Products: All products offered for sale to Lift Truck shall comply with Lift Truck’s specifications and all applicable laws of the country and political subdivisions in which they are to be offered for sale.  Origin mapping – Suppliers must be capable of disclosing potential sources of primary origin associated with the products or services provided to Lift Truck.  Lift Truck reserves the right to ask its Suppliers for supply chain mapping back to the origin to facilitate an assessment of upstream supply chain compliance.

Section 3. Business Integrity and Ethics

A.      Gifts, Bribes and Kickbacks: Lift Truck is committed to conducting business legally and ethically and will not tolerate corruption in any form. Corrupt arrangements with customers, suppliers, government officials, Lift Truck Center, Inc. employees or other third parties are strictly prohibited. “Corruption” generally refers to obtaining, or attempting to obtain, a personal benefit or business advantage through improper or illegal means. Suppliers must operate with the highest standards for business integrity and comply with all anti-corruption and antibribery laws, including the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). Suppliers are prohibited from providing or offering gifts to Lift Truck, Inc. employees that could inappropriately influence Lift Truck decisions or gain an unfair advantage.

B.      General: Lift Truck is committed to uncompromising integrity in all that it does.  While standards of conduct are mainly based on laws, they also reflect the values that define Lift Truck. 

C.      Confidential Information: Lift Truck’s business information is a valuable corporate asset. Supplier and its employees and directors have an obligation to safeguard confidential information about Lift Truck and to protect it against unauthorized disclosure.  This obligation is not limited to the duration of Lift Truck’s relationship with the Supplier, or the duration of employment or service of the Supplier's employees with the Supplier.

November 14, 2023