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Multidirectional Sideloading Forklift

Model: MR4

The Combi-MR4, from Combilift’s multi-directional range of highly maneuverable forklift trucks, boasts our unique Dynamic 360 steering.

Enabling multi-directional mode change on-the-go provides exceptional flexibility and movement around obstacles and in narrow working environments.

The Combi-MR4, 4-wheel multidirectional reach truck incorporates Combilift’s new dynamic 360° ™ steering. This intuitive steering provides unique rotation on each wheel, enabling seamless directional change of the truck while on the move. This enables the Combi-MR4 to work in forward, sideward and crab steer mode guaranteeing swift operation and excellent maneuverability.

To maximize all storage space in racking systems the wheel configuration of two drive wheels at the rear and two sets of smaller dual front wheels provides a platform height as low as 15″, allowing otherwise redundant areas towards the floor to be used.

The new Combi-MR4 definitely delivers the goods from an ergonomic point of view: a high visibility operator cabin, multi-function control joystick, AC-electric power steering and joystick operated hydraulic mast functions all make for a smooth ride and straightforward operation. The articulated rear axle with two rear rubber drive wheels provides optimum traction for outdoor use, while still ensuring nimble and accurate truck placement.

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