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Remote Control Mobile Gantry

Model: MG
Fuel Type: LPG/Gas/Diesel

The Combi-MG Mobile Gantry is available in Diesel or Electric Power and is the perfect solution for handling and conveying extremely large loads typical of industries such as shipping, aerospace, wind turbine, large scale civil industry, precast concrete and large scale structural steel industries.

The combi-MG mobile gantry has a telescopic function allows loads to be raised and placed up onto trailers etc. and gives it the ability to reduce its height to enter low doorways. When moving loads of extreme size, being able to position them accurately and safely is critical for avoiding damage or injury. The Combi-MG is equipped with full side-shift to both left and right and the independent lift enables precise placement of the load. The remote control provides the operator with the ability to precisely control the gantry from a safe and advantageous viewpoint.

The, six mode, multi-directional steering allows precise and safe transport of materials, making it a highly flexible and effective method of conveyance.

  1. Front Wheel Steer
  2. Rear Wheel Steer
  3. Four Wheel Steer
  4. Crab Steer
  5. Carousel Steer
  6. Four Way Multi-Directional

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