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Interlock Chock

Blue Giant Interlock Chock™ is an intelligent wheel chock system that provides communication between loading dock personnel and trailer operators. Designed with a patent pending signalling system, the chock handle contains high visibility LED lights and an integrated alarm, communicating to the operator that the Interlock Chock is engaged
and secure.

Robust aluminum chock is high strength and securely contours trailer wheel in all weather conditions.
Stainless steel sawtooth plate firmly grips driveway, preventing movement of chock under wheel engagement. Non-skid plate rotates for product longevity.
Submersible chock assembly works in all weather conditions.
Ultrasonic sensor detects chock placement and communicates to the control panel.
Fibreglass cable pole keeps cable off traffic path, preventing damage and allows clearance for easy snow removal.
Durable steel cradle designed with an open concept and installed above grade; will not trap snow and debris.
Proximity sensor detects home position when chock is in cradle.
PowderCoat safety yellow is an effective rust proof solution that prolongs the equipment’s life.

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