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Model: BC20/25/30/32S-7
Fuel Type: Electric

The BC-7 Series provides smooth operation in various work applications. With the precision AC motor controller and the optimized design, Doosan’s new machine is able to deliver safe and efficient operation even in the tightest spaces.

Maximized Productivity in Warehouse Applications: Effective storage is the primary goal for many warehouse managers. Our 4 wheel models have steer axles that have been carefully designed to minimize the turning radius. It can now achieve an outstanding 86° steer angle, enabling the machines to maneuver with ease even in the tightest spaces.

Cornering Speed Control: The angle sensors control the travel speed at sharp turns. It automatically reduces the travel speed to prevent tip overs during turns.

Unlimited Ramp Hold: The Electro-magnetic Auto Parking Brake (EPB) prevents the forklift from rolling back if the truck is stopped on a slope.

Operator Sensing System: Whenever the operator leaves the seat, traveling and lifting will be restricted.

Run Time and Trouble shooting Diagnostics: The controller provides both run-time and trouble-shooting diagnostic capability to tell you the source of a problem so it can be corrected quickly and easily.

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