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Model: BWC33S-7
Fuel Type: Electric

Safety and Productivity

Doosan’s BWC33S-7 Center Control Rider Jack can make picking orders safer and more productive.  By placing the operator’s compartment in the center of the truck, your operator is in a safer, more protected environment.  This center location also puts the load behind the operator during transport providing an unobstructed view in the forward direction.  The operator is in closer proximity to the pallet, saving steps and increasing pick speeds.

  • Electronic power steering reduces fatigue and makes maneuvering in tight spaces much easier.
  • The spring loaded floorboard absorbs shock and applies the brake when the operator exits on either side of the truck.
  • Electronic Coast Control mode can be selected with a switch on the dash. Engaging Coast Control allows the truck to coast to a stop while the operator picks an item and places it on the pallet, performing a rapid, productive pick in one smooth motion.

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