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Model: B16/18/20X-7
Fuel Type: Electric

The Doosan 7 Series electric forklifts are highly versatile for indoor use and are waterproof and safe for outdoor use. To protect against moisture and dust, the sealed controllers are rated IP65 and the motors are rated IP43, with all related wiring & connectors being silicon-sealed.

These models have steer axles that turn 86°, enabling the machines to maneuver with ease even in the tightest indoor spaces.

Doosan’s Guardian Stability System (GSS) will dynamically protect the operator and the load to reduce the risk of accidents.

Extended maintenance intervals and advanced technology components reduce the overall cost of ownership. The latest AC control systems provide an unbeatable
combination of power and reliability. Select components are customizable to perfectly fit an operator’s requirements or level of skill, while providing maximum control and productivity.

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