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Model: GC15/18/20SC-9
Fuel Type: LPG/Gas

Power, performance, driving comfort, durability, and outstanding fuel efficiency are just a few reasons to choose ‘The 9 Series’.

Here are some of the key elements in which Doosan Forklifts offer significant savings over time.

Robust Steer Axle Components: Heavier components and superior engineering merge to create a steer axle assembly which should last on average 5 years. This could save you over $2,500 in repair costs.
Oil Cooled Disc Brakes: With a 5-year or 10,000 hour warranty, our braking system is superior in every way. Much easier to service in the field than traditional shoe brakes, our OCDBs could save you more than $2,250 in repair costs alone.
Fewer Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Jobs: Doosan saves you money by lengthening the periods between scheduled maintenance. With Doosan’s PM schedule, you could see a $1,200 savings within the first 5 years.

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