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Model: BG E-Step
Fuel Type: Manual

The BG E-Step Semi-Electric Access Vehicle is a manually propelled unit with powered lift that provides companies with a safe alternative to low level ladders in the workplace. The DC lift motor and twin post hydraulic elevating system on the E-Step are capable of lifting an operator up to 42″ while remaining in a fully enclosed compartment.

When elevating the operator compartment on the E-Step, an automatic floor lock deploys improving stability. Locking rear swivel casters are additionally provided for elevated use on smooth surfaces. Simple and intuitive controls include fingertip lift/lower buttons and an emergency power disconnect.

Manual movement and positioning is easy even when loaded, thanks to the four large polyurethane caster wheels and high mounted rear push bars. Two large steel load trays on the front of the E-Step allow the operator to access multiple items without having to raise and lower repeatedly, and a load platform on the chassis can carry additional materials from location to location.