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Modula Pick to Light

Model: Put to Light System

As orders increase, warehouses need to boost their operational efficiency.  Modula automated storage solutions can be combined with our new Picking Station, Picking Cart, and Put to Light System to further drive order accuracy, efficiency and reliability.  Put to Light Systems, also referred to as ‘scan and sort,” allow organizations to break large product quantities into individual orders. Light devices direct operators to the correct location on a station or cart in which to “put” the items.  The location, as well as the quantity needed, is determined in advance and incorporated as one of many automated orders. Each time an item is slotted into the appropriate position, the operator presses a confirmation button to indicate the task is complete.

By picking and putting multiple orders, operators save time and don’t need to perform cumbersome manual tasks, such as reviewing pick tickets or paper lists. Thanks to the seamless integration with the Modula warehouse management system (WMS), all operations are monitored, offering a real-time view into orders status and inventory.

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