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Model: RF1-MD1X45
Fuel Type: Electric

Toyota’s Multidirectional Reach Truck is an innovative alternative to traditional material handling, specially designed to handle wide, bulky loads. Articulating load wheels allow the forklift to travel horizontally, permitting compact travel and stacking wide loads in narrow aisles without the need to turn. The ability to travel both parallel or perpendicular to racking saves you time and space while increasing productivity.

The Multidirectional Reach Truck design provides excellent visibility and ergonomics when working in high racking. The multifunction control handle allows simultaneous use of hydraulic functions and travel in one intuitive package. For extra assistance when working in tall racking, the optional carriage-mounted camera system feeds video of the forks and pallet to the standard 7″ touchscreen display for optimal control and precision. An optional Acculaser technology will project a light beam where the forks are positioned. The height and tilt indicator shows mast and fork positioning on the touchscreen display for even more precise load handling.

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