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Pegasus Large Capacity Cushion Tire IC and Electric Lift Trucks

Model: Pegasus

When you need a large capacity or specialized counterbalance lift truck – RICO is the company capable of providing out-of-the ordinary solutions when you need a team of experts to understand and develop a solution for your toughest challenges.

The standard PEGASUS ELITE and PEGASUS Specialty (SP) screams INNOVATIVE SOLUTION, which has become a trademark of RICO since the company began operation. Using our engineering and design expertise we have gained over the years developing material handling equipment, PEGASUS has been created for the most rigorous and custom applications. The truck comes in 3 versions: AC Electric, LP Gas and Diesel, with capacities ranging from 18,000 to 80,000 pounds.

PEGASUS has been ergonomically designed for operators and service technicians alike. Visibility has been maximized to improve operation by utilizing our cab forward and higher operator seat design – providing comfort, safety and convenience – the PEGASUS is truly one of a kind.

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