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Model: ROS1300
Fuel Type: Manual

Sweeping large areas is tough. But the Viper ROS1300 is
a ride-on sweeper that’s designed to keep you productive
from start to  nish. Cover the ground you need to with long
battery runtime and see great cleaning results from optimal
dust and debris collection. Operation could not be simpler,
and maintenance is a breeze.
Take a seat, adjust it to your personal preference and press
the one touch start button to get straight to work.
This conveniently starts all the main functions – main broom,
side brooms, vacuum fan – all at once.
As you’re sweeping, several standout functions contribute to
your productivity. Dust isn’t a problem – simply switch on the
dust-control misting system to assist the two side brooms. A
convenient foot operated front  ap enables collection of larger
debris, and powerful rear-wheel drive keeps you sweeping
up slopes – great for cleaning ramps and inclines within your
facility. Furthermore, smart, tool-free maintenance means your
operator won’t be burdened by time consuming routine tasks.
Built for all-around safety, the ROS1300 maintains productivity
while ensuring a safer working environment for everyone.

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