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Model: B15/18/20SU-9
Fuel Type: Electric

The Doosan 9 Series Counterbalanced Stand Up Rider Forklift is at home in any application requiring the operator to frequently exit/enter the operators compartment.  The large 18″ diameter drive tires, 8.5″ low step height and 3-point entry system makes it easy for the operator to get on/off the unit for picking and dock to stock environments.

Doosan’s instinctive multi-function control handle provides smooth proportional control of all functions.  The ability to operate multiple functions simultaneously increases overall productivity.

The Doosan is equipped with many standard features such as an Extended Operator Back Rest, Adjustable Height Arm Rest, 3-post Overhead Guard, Auto Tilt Leveling, Battery Side Gate Interlock, Hydraulic Weighing Scale, LED lights and more that are optional on other competitive brands.

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