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Viper AS1050R

Model: AS1050R
Fuel Type: Manual

Built to make quick, effective work of the biggest indoor
environments, the rugged Viper AS1050R is our largest ride-on
scrubber – but it’s still highly maneuverable and resource-efficient,
with features that maximize performance while ensuring the
safety of your staff and visitors. And since it’s a Viper solution,
you can count on intuitive operation, durable construction, and
easy maintenance.
Exceptional runtime, powerful scrubbing capability, and optimized
consumption levels make it an excellent choice for use in
warehousing, light industrial, and institutional facilities, and large
open retail spaces with floor space above 75,000 square feet.
Key features include:
• Eco mode for optimal productivity and consumption; up to
5 hours runtime
• Robust bumpers, electronic and mechanical braking, electronic
speed-reduction during turns, and ergonomic seating with
safety switch
• Comprehensive control panel with one-button start, and LCD
display for operational overview
• Dual-vacuum system (optional) for optimal performance from
start to finish, even for heavy jobs
• Adjustable work settings for greater task flexibility during
operation on different floors

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