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Model: G20/25/30/33/35NC-7
Fuel Type: LPG/Gas

Doosan Heart of the Line 7 Series

  • The Hyundai LP engine provides excellent performance, low noise, low vibration and excellent durability. The engine’s reliability is well established in the
  • The Oil-cooled Disc Brake is an enclosed brake system that eliminates outside debris or contamination, which significantly extends the brake life while decreasing maintenance costs and down time. It is recommended for applications with humid, abrasive or corrosive environments, as well as those that
    require extensive use of ramps.
  • The 7 series LP forklifts have the hydraulic hoses and the chains neatly organized and tucked away to enhance wide front visibility, which is crucial for effective operation as well as safety.
  • All components such as seats, switches, instrument panel, levers and pedals are meticulously designed to provide operators the best ergonomics.
  • The standard horn button on the rear grab bar enhances the comfort and safety while traveling in reverse by allowing the operator to sound the
    horn and still maintain full control of the vehicle.
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