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Model: B40/45/50X-7
Fuel Type: Electric

Equipped with Pneumatic Tires, the 80V Electric Power rivals the operating performance of its engine powered family of lift trucks.

  • Dust and Water Protection: IP65 controller and IP43 motors wiring & connectors are silicon sealed, preventing the penetration of dust/particle and moisture/water from the outside
  • Reliable AC Controller: Curtis AC controllers provide unbeatable power, performance and functionality
  • Rugged and Durable Twin Drive Axle: Twin drive axles are directed by an integrated drive controller for effective transfer of power and torque; resulting in smooth, quite operation
  • 5-Year, 10,000 Hour Brake Warranty: Doosan’s exclusive Oil Cooled Disc Brakes (OCDB) last five times longer than conventional shoe brakes, and are virtually maintenance free
  • Customized Performance: Three performance settings are easily selected based upon operator and application needs: Energy Efficient, Standard Mode & High Performance
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