DJ Products

Specialized Towing & Handling Vehicles

With the ability to tug or transport light loads or move up to 200,000 lbs. railcars, the applications for these electric powered Caddy's are limited only to your imagination!This diverse family of Caddy's are available as walkies or riders and will move carts, fifth wheel trailers, roll off containers, dumpsters/hoppers, tractor trailers, aircraft and helicopters, vehicles, shopping carts, railcars and much more.Contact your Lift Truck Center Sales Professional to schedule a site visit to identify the best solution for your handling needs.

Equipment Applications

  • Aircraft Tug & Motorized Airplane Tow
  • Industrial Cart Movers, Pullers and Tugs
  • Powered Semi-Trailer Mover
  • Railcar Mover
  • Dumpster Mover & Heavy Waste Container Tug
  • Commercial-Grade Care & Truck Pusher
  • Military & DOD Use-Powered Movers and Carts
  • Hospital Cart Puller
  • Hospitality Industry & Hotel Cart Puller

Made in the USA and engineered for a wide range of uses, DJ Products allow one-person to easily push and pull heavy wheeled carts and all types of material handling loads. With a smaller footprint than forklifts, these products are less costly, more maneuverable, and easier to use.