Please call, email or stop by our Wichita, KS or Springfield and Webb City, MO facilities to learn more about how we can train your lift truck operators and help you improve safety within your operation.

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Safety Products 

Lift Truck Center provides many equipment safety accessories ranging from blue pedestrian lights, side markers, strobe lights, backup alarms. We also offer several safety collision devices that heighten awareness of lift truck traffic at intersections, docks and throughout your facility.

The Toyota SEnS Smart Environment Sensor pedestrian detection system uses advanced technology to assist operators in identifying a pedestrian or object behind their lift truck up to 32’ away (configured to meet specific customer applications). If within a detectible range, a buzzer and four indicator lights will alert the operator.

  • Lift Truck Operator Certification
  • Pedestrian Safety Awareness Training and Devices
  • Lift Truck Safety Accessories
  • Dock and Facility Safety Gates & Protectors
  • Battery Handling PPE
  • Equipment Impact Monitoring/Telemetry